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Somatosensory Conductance Pathways

Janani Rajan Somatosensory Conductance Pathways Have you ever pet a dog and felt it’s soft, sleek fur? Or have you accidentally burned yourself with a stove while cooking? Have you felt your phone vibrate against your leg? All of these perceptions are the result of your somatosensory system at work. Generally, the somatosensory system is […]

Advice: Abused Women

                                               Charles Pidgeon, Ph.D. Reprinted with permission from the publisher of Social Consciousness Pedagogy          The most difficult initial step for abuse-recovery is to believe and not just hear, the idea, “It’s not my fault” and park this idea as only part advice stored in long term memory. It must become a belief which is […]


Today, the COVID-19 problem has raised social consequencesmore than any time in modern society. Few, if any believe thatGod (god) will solve the global population of the current COVID-19 pandemic; instead they believe that the scientists will be the globalhero’s’. This idea has recently been epitomized from a comparison of how Seattle handle the COVID-19 […]